Ahsoka Review: New Disney+ Star Wars Series Starring Rosario Dawson Is the Anti-Andor (2023)


on Disney+Ahsoka, gigantic spaceships that hurtle through space, docking and landing at alien planets in a strange state of weightlessness, as if someone could park under your feet and you'd never notice. Does this mean that the special effects budget for the series is unfortunately limited? A conscious attempt to emulate the aesthetics of the series' animation roots? Is this an unintentionally stretched metaphor, referring to a series that often lacks dramatic seriousness in at least two of the eight episodes?

That does not meanAhsokaHas absolutely no emotional weight, but much of the investment depends on familiarity with the predecessor;war of starsrebels(aired on Disney XD from 2014 to 2018). Viewers who haven't seen it yetStar Wars rebelsorThe clone wars- or anyStoryPrior to her first live-action performance with Ahsoka Tano, she actedRosario DawsonexistMandalorianerAndBoba Fessel book- Don't get confused. series creatorDave FeloniIt's exposed enough, especially in the premiere, to satisfy anyone who feels a certain curiosity.

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the final resultUnpretentious fun.

Sendedatum:Wednesday 23 August
Schimmel:Rosario Dawson,Natasha Liu Bodizzo,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Ray Stevenson, Ivana Sakhno, Diana Lee Inosanto, David Tennant, Lars Mikkelsen
Creative:Dave Feloni

but it's easyHe saidFor viewers who haven't experienced these things in their original context, I find it difficult to dig deep into a series where the greatest villain (the evil Marshal Thrawn), the greatest inspirational character (hero) Eze Ezra Bridger and the most famous character in mythology (Anakin Skywalker) were just topics of conversation at first. It's a story of strong women who are largely defined by all these off-screen men rather than being given a self-definition.

if i have to say somethingAhsokaOn a larger thematic level, one cannot create a new future without fully processing the regrets and traumas of the past. But just hearing the stories can mitigate the impact. Take away the rich narrative that unfolds over dozens of episodes and you're left with mostly disappointing episodes, albeit full of potentially interesting characters, plus an outstanding hosting performance from the late Ray Stevenson, whose charisma struck me here.

Stevenson actually made his debut on the series, playing Baylan Skoll, a mysterious mercenary working under the tutelage of the apprentice (Ivana Sakhnos Sim Hattie) who has helped stage a daring escape from prison. Belan insists they aren't Jedi, but they use lightsabers and can definitely do Jedi things with their wits. What are your goals? Diana Lee Inosanto plays Morgan Elsbeth, who spends her days talking about Thrawn's return from exile, presumably to help the Empire strike back again. So you know it's bad news.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka (Dawson), the former Jedi who studied under Anakin Skywalker, finds himself on a devastated desert planet making Indiana Jones and searching for the hidden MacGuffin. The MacGuffin in question is a shiny orb that appears to be, or would have been, a map of Thrawn's Banishment if Ahsoka could activate it. Ahsoka's friend, the very green general Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), suspects that the key to unlocking the card may be Sabine Lane (Natasha Liu Bodizzo), who used to be Ahsoka's apprentice - a series heavily focused on mentoring. most notably lack of mentoring – before alienation through stubbornness.

Soon everyone will be searching for the map and rallying around Sabine, who has put her past as an aspiring Jedi and Mandalorian aside — she's the current Star Wars grab bag, hair color like a toxic sunset — get ready to hang up and hide meet Loth-Cat's adorable white pet [plush toy available in stores during the holiday season. ]

Nothing is more at stake than the fate of the galaxy.

Mantra I try to repeat to myself while watchingAhsokaYes: "It doesn't have to be everything."Andor» And as far as morale is concerned,AhsokaNot too antiAndor. But it's close enough.AndorIt's all gravity. You can feel the whole planet tremble as his CG spaceship flies through the atmosphere. It is a world full of pro-fascist threats and there is not much room for foundationswar of starsData. Skirmishes are bloody, intense, and chaotic. There are no cute creatures and the robots that appear are deeply sad. There are easter eggs, but one feels that noticing them does the core of Marxist criticism a disservice.

IfAndorThis is a complex whiskey that has been matured in purpose built casks.AhsokaIt's a hard, sparkling water that's fruity and bubbly. Absolutely everything looks like a reference, and if you can't figure out why the camera stays in the background of a character, design, or technology, hardcore fans surely will. [The plushie hits stores over Christmas] is just the most eye-catching of the series' myriad adorable creatures, though it may be the only one that gets viewers cheering with every purr or buzz. The Loth cat's only competitor on Target's shelves might be General Syndulla's trusty robot, Chopper, whose frantic gestures and beeping tongue could easily be translated to "buy my Funko Pop." I didn't find Ahsoka's overly reserved robot sidekick, voiced by David Tennant, particularly funny, although she made me laugh a lot in the early episodes.

so many ofAhsokaIt is such a brazen gratification of the audience's commercial needs that in the second installment a scene in the harbor becomes a flimsy thesis about the immorality of capitalism that can hardly be taken seriously anymore. but that's not necessarily allAndor

Feloni placed more emphasis on entertainment and instantly iconic imagery, often clearly inspired by the series' cartoons.AhsokaIt's full of movement - when it's not full of exposure - but the action is more fun in snapshots than in build. There are many scenes where Ahsoka or Sabine face multiple droids at once. I don't remember the choreography or the ups and downs of the fight. But the way Ahsoka holds two lightsabers or the rustle of Sabina's clothes moving are indelible. How many times on a show does a character in a hooded robe have to be introduced anonymously to expose the villain? who cares? It's beautiful every time!

Aside from the flatness of many of the show's scenes and virtual environments - I don't even think CG aspires to be real - everythingexpressFrom Syndulla's skin tone to the draping of Ahsoka's lekku (you know, the Togruta-species-specific penis head) on every billowy robe, it just looks right. Many thanks to Shawna Trpcic for the costume and Maria Sandoval, Cristina Waltz and Alexei Dmitriev for the hair and make-up team.

Of course, "Looking Right" can only go so far, and it's frustrating how much Filoni and co. - three shows now - have invested in showing how perfectly Dawson embodies Ahsoka's looks, but there is nothing to do with her. Not only does Bordizzo seem a perfect fit for the role, but she has a clear storyline in just two episodes, enough for the show's titleSabine. or maybeWhere is Syndora?Because Winstead comes across so quickly that spending any length of time as a tongue-in-cheek hologram is a waste.

It's impossible to learn much about Sakhno's performance in the first two episodes, but it's her angular features and icy gaze that captivate the camera. Also, Sakhno benefits immensely from sharing scenes with Stevenson, whose brooding authority - you can tell right away that Beran has overused him to the point of wearying - makes him the only one on the show who absolutely does his jobAndorto return. The script includes each return character fromrebelsThey live in the past while Beran and Shin live in the present, making them easy to support despite the sad tone in Stevenson's case. We'll never know the directionAhsokaacceptableRomCelebrity, but people talk about him.

Some of the people everyone's been talking about might finally show upAhsoka, the show as a whole would gain an immediacy it currently lacks. evenAndorra,it's not everyonewar of starsThis is how a show should be, starting slowly but by no means soft.


Ahsoka Review: New Disney+ Star Wars Series Starring Rosario Dawson Is the Anti-Andor? ›

Nothing less than the fate of the galaxy is at stake. A mantra I kept trying to repeat to myself while watching Ahsoka was, “Not everything needs to be Andor” and, in ethos, Ahsoka isn't quite the anti-Andor. But it's pretty close. Andor was all gravity.

Is Ahsoka as good as Andor? ›

In fact, it's safe to say that Ahsoka is the Star Wars series that has gotten the best response from critics and audiences since the first season of Andor came out.

Is the Ahsoka series doing well? ›

Based on these numbers, Ahsoka's premiere wasn't able to live up to the debuts of the other Star Wars shows on Disney+. The number is still above 1 million, which is higher than a couple of the MCU shows on the platform, but it still didn't reach its full potential when compared to other Star Wars projects.

Who is the bad Jedi in Ahsoka? ›

Grand Admiral Thrawn Will Be Ahsoka's Main Villain

His blockade of Lothal ended when Jedi Ezra Bridger called on purrgil to whisk both him and Thrawn into the Unknown Regions of deep space. Ahsoka Tano will be on the hunt for the returning villain Thrawn when her Disney+ series debuts.

How many episodes of Ahsoka will there be? ›

The series has a total of eight episodes, with weekly releases from August 22 to October 3, 2023. The Ahsoka series is a hot topic among Star Wars fans.

What rank Jedi was Ahsoka? ›

Ahsoka was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon as a small child and accepted into the Jedi Order. When she was 14, Jedi Master Yoda granted Ahsoka the rank of Padawan and she was partnered with Anakin Skywalker, a powerful if reckless Jedi Knight.

Is Ahsoka a villain or a hero? ›

Ahsoka Tano is one of the main protagonists of the Star Wars ffranchise, appearing in its 2008-2020following TV series, a major recurring protagonist in Star Wars Rebels, one of the supporting protagonists in The Mandalorian and the titular main protagonist of the live-action series of the same name.. She is Anakin ...

Could Ahsoka beat Luke Skywalker? ›

In theory, Luke Skywalker is more powerful than Ahsoka Tano. Luke defeated Darth Vader in a lightsaber fight when Ahsoka did not, after all. However, when it comes to experience and skills shown on-screen, Ahsoka Tano takes the lead.

Can Ahsoka beat Vader? ›

Ahsoka can fight him during the Rebels for a short period, but his skill and raw power are too much for her. Vader handily overpowered her two times. The only version of Ahsoka that may have chances is from her new series.

Why did Ahsoka leave the show? ›

Ahsoka's doubts about the Jedi Order's practices had been growing, and the trial pushed her to reevaluate her place within it. Ultimately, her innocence was proven when Barriss Offee, the true culprit, was exposed. Despite the opportunity to return to the Order, Ahsoka chose to leave behind the life she had known.

Which Padawan betrayed Ahsoka? ›

It was Barriss herself who orchestrated the bombing and framed Ahsoka. Anakin dueled Barriss on Coruscant, and eventually placed her under arrest. Brought before a military tribunal led by Governor Tarkin, she admitted her guilt, but held steadfast in her belief that the Jedi and Republic had lost their way.

Did Yoda feel bad about Ahsoka? ›

Ahsoka's departure haunted Yoda for some time afterward; he felt extremely guilty and remorseful, partly for refusing to stand by her and partly for placing her on the path that led to her departure from the Jedi Order. In fact, his guilt was so great that the Dark Side attempted to use it against him, but failed.

Who is the Sith girl in Ahsoka? ›

Shin Hati was a Force-sensitive human female Dark Jedi active during the New Republic Era and Ahsoka Tano's search for Ezra.

What is a GREY Jedi? ›

Gray Jedi are those who, though having completed the teachings of the Jedi, operate independently and outside of the Jedi Council. They are typically seen as misguided, though they have not necessarily succumbed to the dark side.

How old is Ahsoka now? ›

Ahsoka's actions are woven throughout the Star Wars timeline. She was introduced as a punk kid, but now she's a wise 47 years old.

How old is Ahsoka during Order 66? ›

Ahsoka was believed to be around 17 years old at the time of Order 66. Ahsoka Tano was born on Shili in 36 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), but her exact birthdate is not provided in the official canon. However, based on available information, she was supposedly around 17 at the time.

Is Ahsoka the most powerful Padawan? ›

Thankfully, George Lucas made the right call pairing Ahsoka with Anakin, and their relationship demonstrated why one was more powerful than the other. Ahsoka managed to be the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars despite claiming that she was not a Jedi.

Is Ahsoka the most powerful Jedi? ›

Anakin Skywalker may have been a great Jedi before turning to the dark side, but the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars was his Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. Despite being the Chosen One, Anakin Skywalker was not the most powerful Jedi in Star Wars, as that honor goes to Ahsoka Tano.

Is Ahsoka more of a Skywalker than Rey? ›

Ahsoka Had More Jedi Training From a Skywalker Than Luke, Leia, and Rey Combined. As Anakin's Padawan, Ahsoka was trained as a Jedi by a Skywalker for several years during the Clone Wars.

Is Ahsoka as strong as Vader? ›

Ahsoka may not win all of these fights, but the fact she can hold her own against the likes of Darth Vader is a testament to her power. She doesn't come from a powerful bloodline like the Skywalkers and Palpatines. She also doesn't live for hundreds of years to master the Force like Yoda.


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