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Spears are some of the most fun weapons inblack souls 3and make a list ofblack souls 3The best spears are a daunting task. Spears are ranged weapons with hard, piercing thrust attacks. Spears are good for both PvP and PvE. Spears are also very versatile weapons, offering both offensive and defensive playstyles. Combining them with a shield gives you a great defensive melee build type, while you can dual wield them or play aggressively to get a very powerful offensive melee build type.

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While spears have a bit of a learning curve, in part because they only offer one type of attack, they can be a little tricky for newbies. However, getting used to spears pays off a lot. Incredible range and high boost damage means you can easily play mid to long range, making it easier to get in and out of encounters.

clean the spearsblack souls 3they range from single spears to twin spears to single spears transposed by boss souls. This guide covers what we think is bestblack souls 3Spears We hope this guide is helpful for you. For more dark souls seeDark Souls 2 Boss-WaffenYDark Souls 3 Guts-Building.

The best spears inblack souls 3

As mentioned above, Spears inblack souls 3They are suitable for both offensive and defensive game types. Most spears require skill, but range can vary. Due to their movesets and versatility, we recommend Dexterity builds if you plan on using a spear, unless the spear is sized with a different stat. Once you get used to the attack pattern and movements of a spear, you will excel in both PvE and PvP. Due to their quick but powerful attacks, they can be very effective weapons when playing mind games with a PvP opponent. Range means you keep your distance, which is good no matter what type of enemy you're up against.

Combining spears with a large shield makes for a very powerful PvE build. The large shield allows it to withstand most attacks, and the spear can return a powerful blow. Low to moderate resistance drain will help contrast the high resistance drain of blocks with a large shield. On the other hand, wielding two spears puts you in the hands of a very fast player and can do a lot of damage quickly if you run. Most spears also have an L2 charge attack that can be devastating against slower, more immobile enemies.


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When it comes to spearsblack souls 3, the best entry option is the Spear. It may be the simplest spear in the game, but it offers much more than its name suggests. Firstly, the spear is one of the fastest spears in the game. It is also the easiest spear to get to grips with as a spear weapon type, making it an exceptional souls 3Beginner.

While the spear has a basic thrusting moveset, this is more than enough. It's a great choice for learning the Thrust Only attack pattern, but it can also serve as a very powerful weapon in general as it can be upgraded, infused, and scaled.

The spear has a basic moveset and a really cool unique L2 attack called Shield Breaker. This attack can pierce through shields and pass through blocks, giving you a little confidence. In addition, the spear's fast attack speed results in very high damage per second. It can be polished and infused. We recommend the sharp gem if you are a skilled player, or a heavy gem for high potency infusions.

The sky's the limit with infusions for the spear, you can even use it as a weapon for your caster builds (seeour best wizard builds).

The spear has a Strength requirement of at least 11 and a Dexterity requirement of at least 10 and a D and C scale of Strength and Dexterity sequentially. We recommend a minimum of 40 Strength and Dexterity if run with a quality build. The spear can be purchased from Greirat or dropped by Hollow Soldiers.

The spear's simplicity, along with its ability to infuse and fast attacks, make it one of the best spears in souls 3spears This spear excels in both PvE and PvP. Its versatility allows good PvP duels. This javelin lets you land fast, powerful blows while keeping your distance and allowing you to easily slip in and out of encounters.

In PvE, using this spear with a big shield means you can dominate every encounter. Even if you get a little behind in tight areas, the large shield helps you cope. The Shield Shard L2 also helps against enemies with shields. Overall, the spear is a good weapon, good for all types of builds and a great beginner's souls 3.

guerrilla spear

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (2)

The Partizan spear is one of the most original and possibly one of the best spears in souls 3. There are only a few spears souls 3they have an R2 Slash attack and the Partizan Javelin is one of them.

In addition, it has high damage, good scaling, and unique combos. The R2 bar means it is one of the most versatile souls 3, which offers something more than traditional javelin attacks.

The Partizan Spear also has a comprehensive L2 weapon art that is effective in many different situations. The combos given as a result of R2 slash attacks mean that Partizan Spear can deal with groups and individual enemies with relative ease.

The Partizan Spear is excellent with one hand and two weapons. Its versatility makes it a great weapon in both offensive and defensive scenarios. Partizan Spear is also great for creating distance due to its slashing and sweeping attacks.

The Partizan Spear has a Strength and Dexterity requirement of 14 and 12 consecutively, with a D scale on both. We recommend Strength and Dexterity of at least 40 each to maximize this weapon's scaling.

It can be infused and polished and is reinforced with Titanite. You can get this spear from a hanging corpse near Cornyx.

Due to its versatile moveset, high damage, and buff capabilities, Partizan Spear excels in both PvE and PvP. In PvP, Partizan Spear's powerful thrust attacks combined with its Slash-R2s make it a devastating weapon. The variety means your opponent will have to question your every move.

Not only that, but it will also make a great weapon when taking on multiple PvP opponents. He can use the R2 slash to maintain distance and cancel dodges, and land powerful hits with push attacks.

Likewise, Partizan Spear breaks in PvE. The high damage output, coupled with the ability to be upgraded, means this spear will get you into all kinds of encounters, whether it's a minor enemy or the unnamed King. An area where he playsClassroomsuffers is in tight corners and alleys, push-only attacks make it easier to get overwhelmed.

The addition of bold slashes means the Partizan boom comfortably cuts through any area. In short, the Partizan Javelin is one of the best and most functional javelins out souls 3.

Spear of Gargoyle Flame

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (3)

The Gargoyle Flame Spear deserves the cut based on aesthetics alone. Furthermore, this spear is also a great spear for Pyromancer Melee builds (see ourPyromancer assembly instructions). The Gargoyle Flame Spear deals fire and physical damage. Gargoyle Flame Spear also has a long range and very powerful weapon art that can stun almost any enemy.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear is the only Pyromancer Spear inblack souls 3. Its fire damage that scales with strength and intelligence and long range makes it a very good choice for Pyromancer builds. Also, if the scale is high enough, it does a lot of damage.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear weapon art is particularly powerful, able to clear most meters and deeply stun/damage most souls 3. Weapon Art is similar to Charge but allows you to attack your enemy with blazing fire.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear scales with Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Confidence. Requires Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Faith levels of 18, 15, 9, and 9, respectively, and has scales of D, D, E, and E, respectively.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear cannot be buffed or infused and is reinforced with Titanite (see ourWaffen Upgrade Guide). The Gargoyle's Flaming Spear drops from Gargoyle enemies in the Desecrated Capital and the Grand Archives.

The Gargoyle Flame Spear is a great PvE weapon, but not the best PvP weapon. It's not the most pragmatic PvP weapon due to its lack of attack versatility and simple weaponry. However, for melee-pyro hybrids, Gargoyle Flame Spear is a great PvE option.

Not only is it a decently powerful weapon, but it's also a lot of fun to play and one of the best Fashion Souls weapons in the game. Overall, Gargoyle Flame Spear is the best spear for Pyromancer Melee souls 3.

Dragon Slayer Sword Spear

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The Dragon Slayer Sword Lance is one of the most usable spears inblack souls 3. When it comes to the bestblack souls 3Spears, the Dragon Slayer sword spear is a no-brainer. Not only does he offer tons of physical and electrical damage, but he also has one of the best movesets out souls 3. The Dragonslayer Swordspear works like a spear and a halberd. With one hand it acts like a spear but offers much more versatility due to its long range attacks, and with two weapons it acts like a halberd. In addition, it has a long range and is also an attractive weapon. The Dragonslayer Swordspear has by far the greatest range of motion of any souls 3.

Dragonslayer Sword Spear is an excellent choice for Strength, Dexterity, and Faith builds. It's the soul weapon of one of Miyazaki's toughest bosses of all time, the Nameless King (Check out our list ofDark Souls 3 best boss weapons), and its usefulness justifies it. Its ability to function as a dual weapon, with good length, high damage, elemental damage, and a very good moveset, makes it an exceptional weapon. There's no trade-off for all that either, it still hits just as fast as most souls 3.

Dragonslayer Sword Spear requires a Strength, Dexterity, and Faith level of 16, 22, and 18 and is scaled to D, D, and C respectively. We recommend a high level of Strength and Dexterity with a Faith level of around 25-40. The Dragon Slayer Sword Spear cannot be upgraded or infused, but it does come with lightning damage. Dragonslayer Swordspear is upgraded with Titanate Scales. To obtain the Dragon Slayer Sword Spear, you need to transpose the Nameless King's soul.

Due to its many uses, the Dragonlsayer Swordspear is one of the finest spears in souls 3and excels in both PvE and PvP. His high speed combined with his insane moveset and ability to use slashes, slashes and sweeps means he's ready for every encounter, from swarms of flags to intense PvP duels. Dragonslayer Sword Spear is one of those weapons that has something for every type of encounter, and that's what makes it such a special weapon and lands it here on this list. All in all, Dragon Slayer Sword Spear is easily one of the bestblack souls 3spears

See too:Dark Souls 3 Hechicero-Builds.

Spear of the Dragon Slayer

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (5)

Not to be confused with the Dragonslayer Sword Spear, the Dragonslayer Spear is one of the finest spears out souls 3. This iconic spear was wielded by the dragon slayer Ornstein himself. The Dragonslayer Spear is also one of the most iconic spears in the Dark Souls series. The Dragonslayer spear isn't just one of the best spears out souls 3, is equipped with lightning damage. It's a very strong spear, superior to anything a spear is supposed to do.

Lightning Spear has a moveset similar to all other souls 3Spears, but it comes with a 3-part weapon art called Lightning Charge, which is similar to Lightning Charge but does lightning damage. The Dragon Slayer Spear also has a long range and relatively high damage.

As a unique weapon, Dragonslayer Spear is upgraded with Sparkling Titanite. It cannot be buffed or infused, but its electrical damage makes up for it. Requires a Strength and Dexterity level of at least 20. It is rated D, C, and D for Strength, Dexterity, and Confidence, respectively. We recommend Dragonslayer Spear for people with a lot of Dexterity and Faith to maximize raw and lightning damage. You can find the Dragonslayer Spear on the Archdragon Spire. From the Dragon Kin Mausoleum bonfire, go up the stairs, the spear is on your right.

The Dragonslayer spear is one of the best PvE spears out souls 3. Due to its lack of versatility and better alternatives, we don't recommend it for PvP. In PvE, its lightning damage, long range, and redundant push attacks present a very powerful option that can help you get through any type of encounter. Overall, the Dragonslayer Spear is one of the best spears out souls 3.

Beringer Ritterspear

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (6)

Another Fashion Souls Fit Spear is on the list. The Spear of the Ringed Knight is one of the finest spears inblack souls 3and is an excellent alternative to the Partizan spear. Ringed Knight Spear is one of the best DLC weapons in Ringed City, which says a lot that the DLC is full of good weapon options. Ringed Knight Spear is also one of the most underrated weapon options inblack souls 3. Ringed Knight Spear has a very functional and powerful moveset and is a unique weapon.

While the Ringed Knight spear has a similar movement to other souls 3, your unique L2 sets you apart from the crowd. Its weaponry is a hard blow to dodge and deals a lot of damage.

It can be followed up with fast R2, which makes it even more devastating, and it also empowers the Ringed Knight's spear with fire damage for some time, making it an exceptionally powerful weapon. Its moveset is also unique, with fast R2 and slower R1. Its moveset allows for a very offensive playstyle, making it relatively easy to use against opponents.straight swordsit's the same.

The Ringed Knight spear has a Strength and Dexterity requirement of at least 17 each and is ranked D, D, E, E in Strength, Dexterity, Faith, and Intelligence respectively. We recommend Ringed Knight Spear for high quality builds that have 40 Strength and Dexterity with a dose of Confidence and Intelligence.

It is upgraded with Sparkling Titanate and cannot be buffed or infused. You need the Ringed City DLC to purchase Ringed Knight. You'll find him outside the Ring City swamp. There you will find a ringed knight, the spear is on a corpse behind the knight.

Your prowess with weapons means you get a very powerful buff and attack. This is especially effective for PvE encounters with bosses or lots of enemies. In PvP, its quickness allows for light damage and easy entry and exit. All in all, the Ringed Knight's Spear is an excellent spear and a lot of souls 3.

Astor Speer

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (7)

Like many of the other darts on this list, the Astor is another beautiful dart suitable for fashion souls. However, Astor Spear offers much more than just looks. Astor Spear is one of the best beginner spears in Dar Souls 3. Astor Spear comes with health regeneration which gives you some HP for each successful hit. In addition, it has poison that can be quite effective. While it might not compete with the other javelins in this game, it's just as good, if not better, to play from the beginning and familiarize yourself with the javelin class. He also has the Shield Shard weapon art, which is very effective against blocks and PvP enemies.

The Astor Spear also comes with long range and, like most Sears, offers both defensive and offensive play. HP recovery per hit also means it is very viable in PvP raids. The poison's damage bonus also makes it irritating to those on the other side. Like most other spears, the Astor Spear has a push-oriented moveset that does a lot of damage.

Since it is a boss soul weapon, you can acquire Astor's Spear by traversing Greatwood's cursed and rotten soul. It is enhanced with titanate scales as it is a boss soul weapon. Cannot be polished or infused. Its poison damage and HP regeneration further complement a defensive playstyle. A very popular way to use the Astor Spear is to combine it with a small shield like the Spider Shield.

Due to its many abilities, the Astor Spear is a great PvE and PvP weapon for beginners. Its versatility, long range, and high damage early in the game. All this will help you in the first encounters of all kinds, from bosses to duels. However, we recommend using this more as a PvE weapon, as there are better PvP options early in the game. Oh, and it's also a great sidearm due to its capabilities and light weight.

dart hanging

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (8)

TheJavelin is probably the bestpyromancer/spear magic atblack souls 3due to its high elemental contentInfusionclimbing. Although it is similar to othersblack souls 3Spears, the Javelin pet's high elemental scaling, means it does tons of damage based on the trait you choose. He also has a powerful unique throw attack that can throw the javelin far away, adding a lot of versatility.

In base configuration, the Follower Javelin requires a minimum Power and Dexterity level of 12 with a C and E scale respectively, making the base version a great choice for building power. It is upgraded with Titanite Shards. You need the Ashes of Ariandel DLC to acquire Javelin. In the DLC, go to the Snowfield bonfire, from there go right until you fall into a trap and continue forward until you find 5 Farron wolves. Behind them you'll find this spear on a corpse. Its moveset mainly consists of lunge attacks.

The Javelin Javelin is an excellent choice for Pyromancer/Mage type builds. Its moveset combined with its unique slingshot attack makes it a good PvE and PvP option. In PvE, his powerful knockback attacks will help him get through most encounters and in PvP ranged along with his sling attacks help a lot. The slingshot attack is great for catching enemies trying to escape or healing up. In short, Javelin Tracker is an souls 3Speer.

Bident del Santo

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (9)

The Saint's Bidentate is a great looking spear suited for faith building. It has a fast moveset similar to Pike, consisting of lunge attacks. Its unique attack is Charge. The Saint's Bidentate has a Strength, Dexterity, and Faith requirement of 12, 12, and 16. It has a Strength, Dexterity, and Faith scale of D, E, and C, respectively.

At 60 Dexterity, this spear does a lot of damage. It can be buffed and infused, making it one of the best sidearms out souls 3, an excellent option for constructions with wheels. With great strength and faith and a weapon buff, Saint's Bident is one of the strongest/best spears inblack souls 3. The charge also does a lot of damage, which is useful against stronger enemies. you can buy theseblack souls 3Spear at the Cathedral of the Depths, next to one of the chained giants.

Its scales and fast movements make it one of the bestblack souls 3Spears for launcher builds for PvE. The powerful charge and knockback attacks along with its long duration will give you a huge advantage over your enemies. However, we do not recommend it for PvP, as there are many better alternatives.

Yorshkas Speer

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (10)

Yorshka's Spear is another devastating spear with a very versatile moveset and extremely powerful attacks. Yorshka's attack pattern is shared only by Partizan and Ringed Knight Spear, both of which are among the best spears in souls 3. What Yorshka has on them is an escalation of beliefs.

Yorshka's moveset consists of thrusting attacks and powerful heavy attacks, making her great for almost any type of encounter. This also means that she is more of an offensive spear, better double-twisted. The variety of allied ranged attacks makes the game a lot of fun.

Yorshka requires a Strength, Dexterity, and Faith scale of 18, 14, and 13, and has scales of D in all 3. It cannot be upgraded or infused, as it is a unique weapon. It is upgraded with Sparkling Titanite.

Near the Yorshka Bonfire church, there is a black room with enemies with glowing eyes. In this room is a chest containing this spear.

Yorshka's Spear is suitable for both PvP and PvE due to its very versatile Mvoeset and it doesn't lag behind in any encounter. Its similarities to Partizan make it stand out in every match in the game. His moves along with his powerful moves make him shine in PvP. His unique ability, Pacify, also helps against Caster-type PvP enemies, as each hit consumes some of his FP. In general, the Yorshka is an excellent souls 3Speer.

Crowd of Twin Spears

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (11)

One of the most offensive spears inblack souls 3, the Drang Twin Spears are definitely candidates for the bestblack souls 3Spear. Her moveset is fast and consists of standard strikes and attacks, making her suitable for all encounters.

Since Drang Twin Spears are a basic weapon type, they are upgraded with Titanite Shards and can be buffed and infused. Their ability to be infused means they can be used for many different types of builds. The base Drang Twin Spears have a Strength and Dexterity rating of 14 and 20, respectively, and scale D on both. Great option for 40/40 quality builds. The Drang Knights drop them off at Irithyll in the Borreal Valley.

Due to their versatile offensive moveset, Drang Twin Spears are well suited for both PvE and PvP. They have a slight learning curve, but it's worth it. Its haste, coupled with its decent DPS, means you'll be flying through all sorts of encounters. In addition, they also have a good range. In general, the Drang Twinspears are a good souls 3spears

winged spear

Best Spears in Dark Souls 3: All Spears Ranked – VeryAli Gaming (12)

The winged spear is possibly the souls 3Spear for building strength and dexterity. It has many uses and is a very powerful spear. If the winged spear is equipped with a heavy or sharp gem, it gains an S scale. It can be used while your shield is up, giving you lots of new ways to attack.

The winged spear can be infused and buffed and upgraded with titanite shards. It requires a power and dexterity level of 12 and 15, respectively, and has a D and C scale, respectively. You can buy this spear in Patches for 1500 souls.

Due to its ability to hit with the shield, Winged Spear excels in both PvP and PvE. It has great length and deals good damage. The S rating for strength and dexterity after casting makes it one of the best souls 3develop strength and dexterity. It also has Charge, which is very effective against enemy tanks in PvP. In short, the winged spear is very powerful and souls 3Speer.

common questions

What is the best spear inblack souls 3?

This depends on personal preferences. For the variety ofblack souls 3Spears, from hybrid sword spears to faith spears to pure physical damage spears, what's best for you might be worst for someone else. We recommend swapping and trying out various spears to see which one works best for you.

How do the spears of the great swords suffer?

While greatswords typically have a broader moveset with multiple playstyles, spears have a much greater reach and are generally limited to a thrusting-oriented style. Both have their ups and downs and adapt to different scenarios. Instead, check out ours.The best swords of Dark Souls 3List.

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