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C-3P-Oh no! is the fifth story mission in Episode IX of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga: The Rise of Skywalker. This tutorial explains how to complete each of your three level challenges, collect all five minikits, and earn the rank of true Jedi to reach 100%.

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To perceive

C-3P-Oh no! Goals

Complete the following 100% C-3P-Oh No! Mission:

  • Level Challenges:
    • Challenge #1: Be Rey-ly Quiet
    • Challenge #2: New Orders
    • Challenge #3: Direct in the eye
  • Collect all 5 minikits
  • Reach the rank of true Jedi by collecting 90,000 parts

Follow the tutorial to learn how to do this in the order they appear.

Looking for a specific challenge or minikit? Click on the links below to...
C-3P-Oh no! history trip
Challenge #3: Direct in the eyeMinikit no. 1Minikit no. 2Challenge #2: New Orders
Minikit no. 3Minikit no. 4true rank of jediChallenge #1: Be Rey-ly Quiet
mission completion
C-3P-Oh no! free game guide
Minikit no. 5

C-3P-Oh no! history trip

Challenge #3: Direct in the eye

At the start of the level, take cover when a UA-TT walker puts his spotlight down. Lean out of cover (make sure you don't get into the cone of vision) and shoot the spotlight to temporarily disable it and complete this challenge.

Minikit no. 1

After defeating the first room with soldiers, you'll see a point to the right in an elevated alcove where a Force user (King) needs to move nearby blocks so you can reach the zipline above. While you can do this, you can do it simply by standing on the raised part of the alcove and doing an opportune double jump to move towards the zipline, allowing you to grab the minikit in front of you.

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Minikit no. 2

After finding the Kijimi Crooks, run around the right side of the area and you'll see a circular window with a crack and a minikit visible. Jump onto the pipes on the right and use them for the platform. Double jump into the open space and grab the minikit.

Challenge #2: New Orders

To perceive

Eventually, you'll enter a large courtyard with several spotlights and stormtroopers. This challenge requires you to clean up the yard without raising an alarm. Apparently a difficult task, but it's easily solved by following a specific strategy: go to the right side and defeat some of the soldiers by staying out of their cones of vision, staying behind them and attacking stealthily. Gather the uniform pieces and, once fully disguised, eliminate the officer in the terminal on the right. You can use the terminal because it's undercover, and completing the minigame there will send all the soldiers out of the yard and complete the challenge in the process.

Minikit no. 3

Go fully undercover, now that the yard is clear, head down and throw a grenade at the silver door. Once it's destroyed, you can pick up the minikit behind it.

Minikit no. 4

If you cross the courtyard just before entering the glowing door, you can force the block into the nearby floor section. From there, jump to the handles at the top and move around to place the minikit on the ceiling.

true rank of jedi

To reach the 90,000 studs required for the rank of true Jedi, you can easily destroy all breakable items in the level (especially if you stealthily take out the soldiers).

Challenge #1: Be Rey-ly Quiet

This challenge requires you to complete the entire level without being detected. This means there is no detection by the soldiers' cones of vision or headlights and if you follow the guide above you can easily achieve this. Just make sure you don't drop your barrel disguise when the soldier patrol comes down the stairs at the beginning of the level until they disappear.

mission completion

After using Babu Frik to rewire 3-PO to read the dagger's coordinates, the gang heads into space to find where they lead.

C-3P-Oh no! free game guide

To perceive

Minikit no. 5

Now in free play, use a scavenger character at the beginning of the level and build a net launcher to climb the wall where the UA TT walker was. When you reach the top, change into a Force user and grab the GONK droid ahead of you through the hole in the window above. This will cause the GONK droid to carry a minikit through the front door. Attack the GONK droid to make him drop the minikit and you can pick it up and unlock it.De TIE (Micro)included.

Continue this walkthrough to the next story mission,Resgate Wookiee.

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