Eorzea World: Sky Above (2023)


Heaven-on-High is an ever-changing dungeon whose architecture is never the same each time players enter the tower. All players start at level 61, and only by battling the enemies within can they gain power and experience to explore their heights.


Search for:Knock on Heaven's Gate

Deep Dungeon Base Guide:How to play (Lodestone)


To help you complete the HoH, maximize your ether pool and use the following consumables:

  • great drank
  • Supramax Potion of Dexterity
  • smoked chicken
  • empirical potion

Recommended YouTube channel for clear solo videos from 1st to 100th floor:Demon Angelus (ES)

Keep going

  • vault
  • Bottom effect
  • Fallen
  • imitate
  • Pomanderos
  • Training
  • Piso 1 - 10
  • Piso 11 - 20
  • Piso 21 - 30
  • Piso 31 - 40
  • Piso 41 - 50
  • Piso 51 - 60
  • Piso 61 - 70
  • Piso 71 - 80
  • Piso 81 - 90
  • Piso 91 - 99


Eorzea World: Sky Above (1)
Eorzea World: Sky Above (2)
Eorzea World: Sky Above (3)

Bottom effect

Bottom effectdescription
Penalty for auto-healingHP regeneration for all partial members is disabled.
blindnessAccuracy is reduced for all party members.
damage penaltyDamage dealt by all party members is reduced.
DarknessEnemy movement speed is increased. Enemies also deal more damage and take less.
PressWeapon skill cast time, cast time, and auto-attack delay are reduced for all party members.
HP/MP increaseMaximum HP and MP of all party members will be increased.
HP-StrafeThe maximum HP of all party members is reduced.
inabilityThe use of skills is prohibited for all party members.
item penaltyThe use of items (including pomander) is prohibited for all party members.
Kickback-StrafePullback and knockback effects for enemies and allies are disabled.
SprintstrafeAll group members are prohibited from using the Sprint campaign.
I'm sorryMovement speed is increased for you and your teammates.
no magicMagicite cannot be used.


Eorzea World: Sky Above (4)

Eorzea World: Sky Above (5)

Eorzea World: Sky Above (6)

Eorzea World: Sky Above (8)

Traps spawn randomly on every floor except the starting room. To minimize the chance of falling into a trap, hug the walls and follow the paths of your teammates.

(Video) FFXIV OST - Eorzea World Tour (Field & Town Themes)


Opening a chest can turn it into a Mimic. These monsters auto-attack with high damage and can inflict a damn 10-minute cursed pox on a random player on your aggro list. This debuff can only be healed by Pomander of Purity and prevents HP regeneration (even out of combat) while reducing damage dealt by around 10%.

Avoid opening chests unnecessarily when you don't need them. Mimics appear in the following specific chests:

  • Floor 1 - 30: Bronze chests
  • Floor 31 - 60: Silver Chests
  • Floor 61+: Golden Chests

His Curse Pox cast can be interrupted with spells that apply Silence.


Eorzea World: Sky Above (9)

Collect as much pomander as possible at the beginning of your climb, you should have max pomander in each category when you start floors 71+.

(Video) UNBOXING the Final Fantasy XIV Encyclopedia Eorzea Lore Books and Poster Collection 🤩

Keep as much Security, Vision, Strength, Steel, Inflow, Flight, Stealth, Petrification, and Magic on floors 91+ as possible.

Use pomander mainly when you have a lot and can't get what you found.

safety ointmentRemove all traps on the current floor.
eye softenerShows the current ground map and the location of all hidden traps.
starch ointmentIncreases damage dealt and HP restored by healing magic by 30%.
Poner StahlReduces damage taken by 40%.
wealth ointmentIncreases the number of treasure chests on the next floor.
flight ointmentDecreases the number of enemies on the next floor.
Change PomanderTransforms the enemy occupying a random room on the next floor into an imitation or mandrake.
pomador de purezaRemove Status Pox.
happy pomegranateIncreases the chance of enemies dropping treasure chests on the current floor.
witch gardenTransforms all targets within range into a Frog, Goblin, or Chicken.
pomander da serenidadeRemoves all enchantments from the current floor.
brittle pomanderDebuffs all enemies on the current floor.
hiding pomanderMakes the group invisible to enemies and traps.
put intuitionUncover hidden traps on the current level.
Pomander hebenInstantly boosts the first party member to be KO'd.
petrification pomanderTurns all enemies on the current floor to stone.
risk magicCreates a false titan, Lord of the Cliffs, based on the wearer's memories of previous encounters with the Ancient One.
magic infernalCreates a simulacrum of Ifrit, Lord of Hell, based on the wearer's memories of past encounters with the Ancient One.
Magicite VortexCreates a simulacrum of Garuda, Lady of the Vortex based on the user's memories of past encounters with the Ancients.
greater magiciteCreates a simulacrum of Odin based on the wearer's memories of past encounters with the Ancient One.


Many mobs have a specific ability that is usually a cleavage: "Double Auto Attacks". Each monster is assigned a group or solo threat level and type of aggression.

difficulty level

  • Light

    One of the easiest monsters to fight across a large number of classes. It is recommended to attack there with priority to gain access to the next floor.

  • caution

    These monsters must be attacked carefully, some can do a lot of damage.

  • Out of fear

    These monsters alone can wipe out your party, be very, very careful.

  • Not possible

    Don't touch it unless you're using Pomander of Witching.

aggressive guy

  • Vista

    Visual attack monsters can only attack people who pass in their field of vision, i.e. in a small cone in front of them. Sometimes you have to wait for him to turn around to get past him.

  • Sonar

    Aggressive monsters will attack you if you run close to them. If you're not moving or put them in walk mode, you can easily dodge them as long as you don't touch them, since they're still touch-sensitive. You can even use your skills next to them without them attacking you. Be careful not to activate any nearby traps, they will hear and attack you.

  • Proximity

    Monsters that become aggressive when nearby are difficult to avoid once you get within their detection zone. This varies by monster, for example mimics have a very large monster.

* : Information about the spells used by the monster is available, click on the row to view it.

Piso 1 - 10

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Mutsu heavenly*13LightLightVistanot
Non-Heavenly Yumemi*13LightLightVistanot
Heavenly Bomb Fish*14LightLightVistanot
Heavenly Shark*It can do significant damage.14cautionLightVistaSim
Onrio heavenly*35LightLightVistanot
Celestial Coral Bowl*Non-telegraphed frontal AoE that causes Sleep (see Spells).45LightLightVistanot
Gyuki celeste*57LightLightVistanot
Amikiri celestial*59LightLightVistanot
light blue Uwabami*69LightLightVistanot
Yumemi Celeste*79LightLightVistaSim
Celestial Clock*89LightLightVistanot
heavenly angel*89LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (10)
(Video) Experience Eorzea - (FFXIV 2014 exploration MV) イックスペリエンス エオルゼア

Piso 11 - 20

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Heavenly Shiomushi*1114LightLightVistanot
Prayer Celeste*1113LightLightVistaSim
Korpokkur heavenly*1113LightLightVistanot
Hakagiri Himmlischer*13fifteenLightLightVistanot
Unkiu heavenly*14sixteenLightLightVistanot
Mano heavenly*There is a room full of AoE fury.14sixteencautioncautionProximitySim
Otokage heavenly*fifteen17LightLightVistanot
How heavenly*fifteen17LightLightVistanot
Tatsunoko heavenly*sixteen19LightLightVistanot
Shioname heavenly*1719LightLightVistanot
Aomino heavenly*1719LightLightVistaSim
Amagoy Heavenly*1719LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (11)

Piso 21 - 30

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Dhruva heavenly*2125LightLightProximitynot
Katasharin heavenly*2124LightLightVistaSim
heavenly birth*2123LightLightVistanot
Halgay heavenly*2123LightLightVistanot
Celestial Sai Taisui*2224LightLightVistanot
Menreiki heavenly*2427LightLightVistaSim
light blue hatamoto*Use Midare Setsugekka and it hurts. Tenka Goken is also a non-telegraphed cone kick.2427cautionLightProximitynot
Heavenly Energy*2527LightLightVistanot
Yuki celeste*2629LightLightVistaSim
Kitchen gene Celeste*2629LightLightVistanot
what heaven*2729LightLightProximitynot
Wanyudo heavenly*2629LightLightVistaSim
Tengu heavenly*2729LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (12)

Piso 31 - 40

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Onmitsu heavenly*Has less than 10% self-destruct.3139cautioncautionVistaSim
solo heavenly*3135LightLightVistanot
hello heavenly*3135LightLightVistanot
heavenly thought*3135LightLightVistanot
Heavenly hara-kiri*It has a self-destruct below 20%.3235LightLightVistanot
Vanara Heavenly*It has a front AOE slot with no telegraph or fused bar.3436cautionLightVistaSim
a heavenly*Cuts off all other Basic Attacks.3539LightLightVistanot
Mokin heavenly*3639LightLightVistanot
Shishi heavenly*3639LightLightVistanot
Kiyofusa heavenly*It has a stack mark. (light damage)3639LightLightVistanot
Heavenly Dogu*3639LightLightVistaSim
Heavenly Ashigaru*3639LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (13)

Piso 41 - 50

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Dhara heavenly*4145LightLightVistanot
Ganseki heavenly*4145LightLightVistanot
Saikoro celeste*4149LightLightVistanot
Sekizo heavenly*variety of stones4149LightLightVistaSim
Sekizo heavenly*Green mafia4149LightLightVistaSim
Kuro-usagi heavenly*4145LightLightVistaSim
sekiban celeste*He gets angry, kill him quickly.4447cautioncautionVistanot
Aka-ishi himmlisch*4649LightLightVistanot
Light Blue Mizumizu*Have a rage that will attract all nearby people and be sure to kill them. (30 seconds)4649cautioncautionSonarSim
Heavenly Rice*Green mafia4649LightLightVistanot
Monoiwa heavenly*4649LightLightVistanot
Heavenly Rice*Metal-Mafia4649LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (14)

Piso 51 - 60

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Kamakiri Celestials*5155LightLightProximitynot
Heavenly Kamanari*5155LightLightProximitynot
Naga-Celeste*It has a cone of fear that applies the stone's curse, which is a petrification that can result in instant death. He also has a Rage that deals 25,000 AoE damage with a very fast cast time. It is impressive.5155Out of fearOut of fearVistaSim
Kongorei celeste*Have an instant self-destructive rage. If you are alone, avoid entering rooms with one of these with you in case they feed you.5155cautioncautionProximitynot
Tetsu-kyojin Himmlisch*5457LightLightVistaSim
Heavenly Texture*5457LightLightVistanot
dokyu celeste*5659LightLightVistaSim
heavenly karakuri5659LightLightVistanot
Marushi heavenly*Spam great line actions, these hits for 40,000+, one-shot DPS/healers.5559cautioncautionProximitynot
Shabti heavenly*5659LightLightVistanot
Raquimonai celeste*Deals random AOE damage to rooms (instantaneous, no telegraph). If there are any in the rooms near you, make sure you kill them first or avoid them as they can do a lot of unexpected damage.5659cautioncautionVistanot
Gowan Celeste*5659LightLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (15)

Piso 61 - 70

Starting with this set, Mimics can no longer be stunned.

Avoid onryo and shitaibana as they have very strong DOTs. You don't need any perks for the boss fight because the boss damage output isn't that high.

The first floors are very uneven due to the large number of onryos and wakakusa. Make sure you have enough space to browse. Discover a strength or steel to make life easier when needed. From the 64th floor and beyond there are a lot of easier mobs to eliminate, so it shouldn't be that bad. Ideally, you should clear the 70th floor with a perfect set of items.

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Onrio heavenly*The cone attack has a high chance of killing you if you catch it.61Sixty-fivecautionLightProximitynot
Manenoso heavenly*61Sixty-fiveLightLightVistanot
Wakakusa Celeste*Do not underestimate the accumulated poison: it lasts 30 seconds.61Sixty-fivecautionLightSonarnot
Jubokko heavenly*61Sixty-fiveLightLightVistaSim
Light Blue Iwamushi*6467LightLightVistanot
Celestial Morbol*Sixty-five69LightLightVistanot
Kosodegai celeste*Sixty-five69LightLightVistanot
Heavenly Doguzeri*6467LightLightSonarnot
Chizakura celeste*Sixty-five69LightLightVistaSim
Hashiri-dokoro himmlisch*It has AoE donuts, fear, and AoE damage that will kill you if they fear you.Sixty-five69cautioncautionVistanot
Penghou heavenly*Sixty-five69LightLightVistanot
Shitaibana celeste*It has fission and venom. Poison can be avoided by staying far away.Sixty-five69cautionLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (16)

Piso 71 - 80

The mobs here are starting to hurt a lot. Navigate well, always keep potions up, and be really good with patrols. Look for mobs that are easy to eliminate. Mimics can now crit for 26K but still doable without poms if you have space to kite.

Be careful with mobs that have great cone attacks (Hyoga, Mammoth, Yeti). Because of this, you cannot sail very far.

There are some mobs on the last floors that you need to prepare for LoS (Yak, Yuki). For Griffin, make sure you can hide.


Feel free to use a petrification to bypass an ugly floor (no skills, darkness, etc). Go through as many gold chests as possible beforehand to weed out potential copycats.

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Light Blue Ichijama*Avoid AoE and interrupt them if you can.7175cautioncautionProximitynot
Shikubi celeste*7175LightLightVistanot
heavenly Hyoga*It has a large front cone across space that shoots and scares.7175cautioncautionVistaSim
Noyagi heavenly*7175LightLightVistanot
Okami Heavenly*They have a stunt car with a nasty DOT.7175cautionLightVistanot
Yuki-tokage heavenly*7377LightLightVistanot
sky blue hyozane*7477LightLightVistaSim
Celestial Mammoth*Deals half space damage when not in combat (approx. 7,000). After attracting people with Wooly Inspiration, he uses an instant cone attack that shoots everyone in front of him.7477cautioncautionVistanot
Yuki-otoko heavenly*He has really great but impressive AoE that can be lost (Northern Winds). He also has a fast (and big) cone attack, so don't stray too far.7679cautioncautionVistanot
Shiro-jishi heavenly*Great AoE stunner and double auto attack.7679cautionLightVistaSim
Jujishi heavenly*It has a quick Winds of Winter rage that will likely kill anyone it hits (it also applies a DOT and gives the griffin a haste buff). This can be avoided through line of sight, so fight around a corner and take cover when she fires. The rage occurs after 30 seconds. It is impressive.7679Out of fearOut of fearProximitynot
Iaque heavenly*They just auto-attack for a while, and after 30 seconds they go berserk, pulling everyone in (and applying a fortress) and stomping on them for lethal damage.7679cautionLightVistanot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (17)

Piso 81 - 90

Be very careful with the Garula patrols on the first floors, they have a great one-shot AoE. Make sure you have space to fight them (if you're in a hallway between two dangerous rooms, you could be forced into a mob or trap, which means death in seconds).

Only, everything hits incredibly hard here. Avoid anything with double auto attacks unless you're a tank or have Steel. Use the telegraphs for the DPS.

If you lure mobs with a charge attack (Garula, Matanga, Rakshasa) you can have line of sight to the attack so the mob can't attack you right after (the attack still deals damage). This is very important because when the load is critical you can make 90% of your HP and after that you can't get a car.

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
heavenly serbal*He powers up and then smacks himself in the chest for a room wide AoE. Be careful as these AoEs break your stealth.8185cautioncautionVistanot
Mukai-inu heavenly*8185Out of fearOut of fearProximitynot
half heavenly*8185LightLightVistanot
Garula Celestial*He has a massive cone AoE, then a circle AoE, then full attack damage. Be very careful where you fight them, as you'll need room to run to avoid their big AoE attacks. Having the healer dead somehow can cause problems if you don't have any heals. You can avoid earthquake damage through line of sight.8185cautionOut of fearVistaSim
eyes on Celeste*Silently attacking a random player who is a giant skittle. He's scared too.8287cautioncautionVistanot
Shinzei Heavenly*Double auto attack that deals high damage and applies a DOT. Aimed Thunder II that deals 4x AoE damage to a target and applies another DOT.8487Out of fearLightVistaSim
Ryujin Celeste*He uses Elbow Drop, an incredibly tricky non-telegraphic attack that attacks just behind where the monster is looking.8487cautioncautionVistanot
Rakshasa heavenly*Charges up, increases damage and has a non-telegraphed frontal attack.8689cautioncautionVistaSim
Araragi-Celeste*It has a Poison AoE stack.8689cautioncautionVistanot
Enko heavenly*They have a rage buff that increases damage.8689cautioncautionVistanot
Hitotsume heavenly*Watch out for the 100 ton swing and glare.8589cautioncautionVistanot
cook heavenly*A few telegraphs and then an inevitable accumulation of vulnerability across space and light damage.8689LightLightProximitynot
Eorzea World: Sky Above (18)

Piso 91 - 99

If you've maintained security/visibility well, use them separately per floor, this makes you feel a little more comfortable on 6 floors (use them as late as possible to have some on the top floors, e.g. 94 - 99). Adapt to the situation though, if you feel it's better to petrify him, apply Security/Sight to him.

Save as much Serenity as possible for later floors when you need to use a Magicit or Petrify. It would be annoying if she had an item debuff that prevented you from clearing a desired floor.

If you have wealth, use it as soon as possible.

Be very careful with patrols and eliminate mobs in areas where you know you have a place to hide from patrols.

Steel Req: For DPS (general). Tanks can get away with almost anything.

91-93: The White Mage Nuppeppos is the easiest target to eliminate. However, watch out for oncoming patrols. On the sides of the rooms there are walls protected from patrols.

94-96: Kubinashi, avoid him alone if possible and eliminate him in a group as quickly as possible. Kyozo is an easy target in this set, as are the white mages Nuppeppo on the 94th floor.

(Video) FFXIV House Tour: Eorzea World Theme Park (Mist, Large)

97-99: Kyozo and Shabti are the easiest. But if you got it right, you'll have Magicitas or Petrifications ready.

99 - Darkness Guarantee + two more effects. Prepare in peace.

Monsterdescriptionminimum floormax Floorsolo difficultyparty difficultytype of farmingPatrol
Nuppeppo celeste*War - Some "tank destroyers". Strike back three times - Stand against a wall to avoid flying across the room.9194Out of fearcautionVistanot
eyes on Celeste*When you roll, charge towards the target. Watch out for the swing and the untelegraphed 32 swipe.9195cautioncautionVistaSim
Nuppeppo celeste*Whm9194LightLightVistanot
Nuppeppo celeste*Mnk - Buffs himself in a hurry and eventually does an auto-double that applies a DOT. If you're alone, bind/sleep the Monk (if applicable) to wait for the haste buff to wear off (it won't auto-double unless you're in a hurry). Alternatively, arm length negates the haste buff.9194cautionLightVistanot
Mifune heavenly*AoE target range deals very high damage to non-tanks. Hide behind a wall to stop his attack.9199cautionLightProximitynot
how heavenly*Charybdis pointed to you. Can be lost and stunned.9399cautionLightVistanot
Heavenly Rebuttal*He has a lifesteal effect that he uses right after entering combat, as well as an instant frontal slash. Constantly gains a damage stack bonus. At 3 stacks, use Black Nebula, a space-wide rage blast.9499cautionLightVistaSim
light blue Jinba*It has a permanent stacking damage buff and a massive AoE that is placed on a random player. He's scared too.9499Out of fearOut of fearVistanot
light blue Kyozo*It is reinforced by Vulnerability Down.9599LightLightVistanot
Shabti heavenly*9699LightLightVistanot
Kuro-kishi heavenly*9699cautionLightProximitynot
Tenma heavenly*He has a non-telegraphed lane AoE that will be used on a random player, as well as a huge AoE.9699cautionLightVistaSim
Zenki heavenly*9799cautionLightVistanot
heavenly dodo9999LightLightVistaSim

Congratulations if you made it to the end!


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