Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (2023)

Noelle is a tough guy who has several attributes that can help make almost any team stronger, most notably her incredible survivability, high DPS potential, and ability to heal. But like any other character inImpacto Genshin, there are a number of synergistic elements that will help her play some characters better than others.

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Again, you can get them to work with absolutely any team, especially if you're using them as a support unit. So don't feel like you have to build a team around her, these are just a few characters that work really well with Noelle.

Updated July 21, 2022 by James Kennedy:You can't sweep this maid under the rug! Despite being an OG, Noelle is still a character with a huge following. So there's still a lot of interest in building the best and most unique gear around it. There are many factors to consider when building the best Noelle team. However, one of the best elements of Noelle is how versatile she can be. While some characters in Genshin Impact feel tied to very specific teams, Noelle's team composition can be a little more fluid. The characters we're highlighting with this update are a little more fringe. However, we think they make interesting couples to deserve a little credit.


12 Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (1)

Itto isn't necessarily the best member of Geo's team for Noelle. This is one of the biggest problemsrequires many of the same resources as Noelle. So building both at the same time makes it extremely troublesome. However, he isyeta Geo character, and since Geo Synergy is extremely strong, it makes him a pretty solid character to pair with Noelle (although she might not beto improveGeographic users to match Noelle).

On the bright side of things, Itto and Noelle will likely need some downtime. Therefore, you can switch them between each other and create an effective DPS rotation. They also have some interesting synergies, as Itto has a moveset geared more toward fighting individuals, while Noelle's big sweeping attacks are better suited for crowd control.

If you like Itto and Noelle, this is a pair that might work. However, unlike some of the higher ranking pairs on this list, it probably needs a little more effort to be highly effective.

11 Beidou

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (2)

Functionally, Beidou is like another Fischl. But not everyone has the same benefits. While she is very good at generating particles, but only when active, while Fishchl can generate particles with Oz outside of battle. However, Beidou's Burst - Storbreaker - remains active even after she leaves the battlefield. Needless to say, Stormbreaker-enhanced Noelle is more than a little powerful.

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It should also be mentioned that Beidou owns it.tershield too; one that goes well with Noelles. Finally,Noelle can grant a significant amount of survivability to Beidou, which can be a glass cannon.. Noelle will likely need one more supporting role for this party to be strong, but these two can work together.

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10 Attitude

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (3)

A huge benefit of pairing Ganyu with Noelle is that she can freeze her opponents and hold them in place, which is a great opportunity for Noelle to pull off one of her giant spin attacks. Even better,Ganyu deals massive damage..

Even if you build Noelle as a DPS, she can still act as your healer, so you don't have to worry about her taking up any of those DPS slots. Ganyu's Explosion also pairs well with Noelle's. Since Ganyu is usually a bit frail, Noelle can give him a significant amount of survivability. Overall, Ganyu is probably the best Cryo character to accompany everyone's favorite knight in training.

9 Xingqiu

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (4)

Here we have another character that really showcases all of Noelle's strengths. One great thing about Xingqiu is that she almost never needs to be on screen. Both your elemental ability and elemental burst carry over to the active player. Then you can show up, use them and leave again. It also adds a bit more healing and even a bit more resistance.

Xingqiu will be more consistent with the constellations you have for him. Once you've acquired your sixth, it's a no-brainer. It's also a fantastic addition if you want to freeze your opponents and you already have a Cryo user in the group. Whether or not you include Xingqiu will largely depend on who else you plan to use, but she's a character who definitely has something to offer.

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8 albedo

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (5)

If you have Albedo in your character pool, she's another great geo user to pair with Noelle. She is a fantastic energy generator who always comes in handy. His energy generation abilities level up when he obtains his first constellation. Albedo also has the distinct benefit of being able to deal damage even when not active. Place geoconstructions that damage enemies outside the battlefield.

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One of the few downsides of Albedo with Noelle is that he does better with the Husk Of Opulence artifact set, which is also one of Noelle's best artifact sets. This can be a little frustrating since the two of you are competing for the same team. Still, she's a fantastic character to add to the party and suits Noelle well.

7 traveler

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (6)

While the Traveler has had a rough road in game life, he is now in a much better place than ever, largely due to his acquisition of Electro form. When the Traveler uses their electrical element, they are an excellent battery and Noelle is in dire need of power.

Alternatively, as a Geo character, Traveler is not bad battery, which also provides the Geo Synergy buff. The Geo version of Traveler will also create builds that greatly benefit certain Geo teams. If you're building a team on the cheap, don't be afraid to use Traveler. They are competent and work very well with Noelle.

6 Bennet

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (7)

If you want to do some serious damage to Noelle, Bennett isn't a bad choice. It provides a noticeable damage boost when setting up its Fantastic Voyage Elemental Blast, which increases your damage based on Bennett's attack stat.

He also offers a bit of healing in the process. While it might seem a bit unnecessary, it does increase your party's survivability. Oh, and as a final bonus, Bennett has above average power generation. Therefore, it can help Noelle's Elemental Burst run faster. Which is never a bad thing when building a Noelle team.

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5 Yun Jin

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (8)

With his flying cloud flag formation bonus (granted by his explosion), Yun Jin can dramatically increase Noelle's damage output. Since he is also a Geo Elemental character, he grants the Geo Synergy buff.

The only problem here is that Yun Jin also relies on defense, so he'll be looking for the same artifacts as Noelle. Unfortunately, this is a very noticeable problem when it comes to building geographic equipment. That said, her Elemental Burst is a great combo for Noelle, so for people looking to increase their DPS,Yun Jin is a fantastic choice.

4 pez

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (9)

Here's a character offering some of the things Noelle wants. For starters, it has excellent power generation. Another benefit is that her Elemental Burst summons her.Oz's trusted companion, which generates energy particles when attacking enemies. Best of all, Oz sits out even if Fischl retires.

In addition to Oz's standard attacks, Oz also deals additional damage when the active character triggers an electro-related reaction (which is common when using Noelle). In addition, Noelle's high defense and healing skills help a little Fischl, often less stable, when you decide to run.They areas your DPS. Whether dealing damage off the field or acting as a primary DPS, Fischl is a good match for Noelle.

3 Zhongli

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (10)
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At the start, the resonant pillars of the Zhongli Stone Stele help to significantly increase damage over time. These buildings also interact with other Geo buildings, which means he is an absolutely invaluable team member when leading a group where other Geo users are placing buildings. He also has excellent DPS, allowing him to play both a DPS and a support role.

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Zhongli also has a pretty powerful Elemental Burst that can lock opponents in place and Noelle.tutloves to ride a sitting duck. Last but not least, he has the added benefit that his skills are based on HP, not Defense (unlike other Geo characters), so he and Noelle won't be fighting over the same artifacts. Basically, Zhongli is a fantastic choice when it comes to building Noelle's ideal team composition.

2 Ningbo

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (11)

There are a number of elements that help Ningguang stand out as Noelle's partner. Her shield increases Noelle's Geo damage, which is obviously welcome. It can serve as a battery for Noelle (especially in level two of the constellation).

Additionally, Ningguang is extremely effective at dealing single target damage, which suits Noelle well as she tends to be better at dealing with groups. Also, they are both Geo users, so she provides that synergy bonus. If you are looking for a geographic user to accompany you, Ningguang is a good choice.

1 Gorou

Genshin Impact: Best team members for Noelle (12)

If you choose a geocentric team, Gorou will be a particularly important piece of the puzzle. Both his skill and burst increase in effectiveness based on the number of Geo users in the group. Most importantly, Gorou gives a significant boost to the party's defenses, which is huge for Noelle, especially when you have your sixth constellation.

Like Albedo and Yun Jin, she is another character whose abilities are tied to defense, so another character will compete with Noelle for artifacts (especially the Husk Of Opulent Dreams set). But at the end of the day, if you're running Noelle as a DPS, you definitely want Gorou on your team.

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Who works well with Noelle Genshin Impact? ›

Arataki Itto + Gorou + Albedo + Noelle

This team composition places a lot of focus on the chemistry between Arataki Itto and Gorou since they are one of the best pairs in Genshin Impact. The amount of Geo characters in this team guarantees that Itto's Elemental Burst will always be up and ready to use.

Who is the main DPS Noelle team? ›

Itto is the main DPS. Itto mainly uses his continuous Charge Attack – Arataki Kesagiri to deal DMG. Itto is switched to Noelle when Elemental Burst is CD. Noelle is switched from Itto when Itto's Elemental Burst is CD.

What is the best set for Noelle? ›

Previously, Retracing Bolide was the best option for DPS Noelle, but this set is now outperformed by Husk of Opulent Dreams. If the two sets are unavailable, players can also opt for the more-common set, Gladiator's Finale.

Who does Noelle have a crush on? ›

Noelle has a crush on Susie that she is nervous about, and thus tries to hide it. She does not talk about it to anyone, except for her father, though her dialogue with Kris still makes hints towards her crush. Susie is oblivious to Noelle's crush.

How old is Noelle? ›

Noelle is a magical anime girl also known as the Sea Goddess due to her ability to transform and manipulate water. She is 15 years old and her birthday is November 15th.

Does Noelle need def or ATK? ›

Defense is what determines Noelle's healing strength, and it is also what determines her attack power while using her Elemental Burst. If you get her sixth constellation, Must Be Spotless, then her defense becomes even more important.

What Claymore is best for Noelle? ›

For Noelle, Redhorn Stonethresher will bring her to a whole new level, where the Genshin Impact Claymore boosts her Crit Damage, DEF, and Normal and Charged ATK damage. If the new weapon is unavailable, The Unforged is also a great alternative.

What is Noelle best F2P weapon? ›

Best Noelle F2P weapon – Whiteblind

Whiteblind has defense as its secondary stat, and its passive skill buffs attack and defense by six percent when a normal or charged attack land. This buff stacks four times.

Is Noelle better than Kaeya? ›

But she's certainly better than Kaeya. Again, a lot of this is dependent. Noelle is not great at base but… full constellation Noelle?

Should I C6 Noelle? ›

Noelle C6 is amazing. If you stack a good amount of defense, she becomes tanky and her shield becomes stronger. The problem with her is that without her burst, her healing is only by chance so if you want to use her as a healer with decent damage, she'll need energy recharge and Geo damage bonus.

How much should I level up Noelle? ›

Leveling Materials

Just like any of the other Genshin Impact characters, Noelle needs to be leveled up if players wish to maximize her potential. Players will not only need 1.6 million Mora to max out Noelle, but they'll also have to farm some EXP books.

Can Noelle work with Hu Tao? ›

In this regard, Hu Tao works well with characters like Zhongli, Diona, and Noelle.

Can Xiao work with Noelle? ›

Noelle. A four-star Geo character with impervious shielding abilities, Noelle makes a solid companion for Xiao as a sub-DPS supporter. Noelle will definitely hold her own in battle thanks to her claymore expertise and her brutal Sweeping Time move that turns normal attack damage into uncontestable Geo damage.

Does Noelle work with Zhongli? ›

Noelle. Qiqi is quite possibly the best healer for Zhongli, but Noelle is the most defensive healer in Genshin Impact. She offers a mix of Qiqi and Ningguang's benefits: she gives Zhongli's team composition adequate healing, while also unlocking a Geo resonance.

Is Noelle a villain? ›

Noelle is a villain/antagonist destroyed in the Nickelodeon television series Henry Danger. She is Miss Shapen's niece who both Jasper and Henry fight over. However, she secretly works for the Supervillain Drill Finger. She is also one of the few female love interests of Henry Hart/Kid Danger to be a villain.

Who is the cousin of Noelle? ›

Mimosa Vermillion (ミモザ・ヴァーミリオン, Mimoza Vāmirion) is a royal of Vermillion Family and a member of the Golden Dawn, being Noelle Silva's cousin through the latter's aunt marrying into Vermillion House, who uses Plant Magic, specializing in healing spells.

Who is Noelle's dad? ›

Rudolph "Rudy" Holiday is a secondary character in Deltarune. He is the bedridden father of Noelle who can be visited at the end of Chapter 1 and 2, in Hometown.

What is a nickname for Noelle? ›

Other nicknames and variations for girls named Noelle include Noèle, Noelia, Noeline, Noela, Noell, Noella, Noelene, and Noeleen.

Does Noelle have a boyfriend? ›

According to Noella, she has a new man in her life who isn't new at all: “He knew me married and knew my husband. That's not weird at all, but we just have a lot of love and respect for each other.”

How do I make Noelle heal more? ›

You can switch out the circlet to a Healing% if you want more healing.

What weapon for Noelle? ›

Noelle is a Claymore user just like Beidou. And if you want to use her as your team's Main DPS, we suggest giving her the Redhorn Stonethresher, the signature weapon of five-star Geo character Arataki Itto. If you missed out on the chance to get this five-star claymore, Arataki Itto will have a rerun in version 2.8.

How do I make my Noelle stronger? ›

We recommend equipping a full set of Retracing Bolide to boost Noelle's shield strength.
Main stats:
  1. Attack or defence for Sands.
  2. Geo damage or defence for Goblet.
  3. Crit rate or crit damage for circlet.
Feb 8, 2023

What is the best F2P Claymore for Noelle? ›

Whiteblind is the best F2P option as it can be forged by the blacksmith. This Claymore increases Noelle's overall DEF stat, strengthening her shield and healing.

Is Noelle the best Shielder? ›

Of the entirety of Genshin Impact's shield users, Noelle is one of the most versatile. Her elemental skill applies a shield and acts as the primary source of her healing abilities. One of the reasons why she is so versatile is that she can perform both as a great healer and a formidable DPS character.

What does Noelle scale off of? ›

Noelle's Elemental Burst's follow-up ATK bonus, 1st Ascension Passive Talent, and HP recovery abilities all scale off her DEF, so increasing it should be your first priority.

Who is better DPS razor or Noelle? ›

If you're comparing an unbuilt Razor vs unbuilt Noelle then Razor, but when you really build Noelle, she's really good. Physical damage falls off heavily in many situations and Razor is a lot more ST focused than Noelle, so I'm going with her.

Is Noelle rare in Genshin? ›

Noelle is a rare character as all of her abilities scale with a single stat. This means that even without the rarest weapons and artifacts, you can still get lots of utility from her if you prioritise defence.

Who is the most simped character in Genshin Impact? ›

With an appearance like that, it is safe to say that Ganyu is undoubtedly the most "simped-over" character in Genshin Impact.

How powerful is Noelle Genshin? ›

Noelle not only has a thorough work effort, but she is also incredibly strong as well. She is so strong that she can easily lift solid furniture all by herself without even sweating. It has also been said that when she trained, she kept breaking swords because she was too strong when using them.

Is Noelle a good healer Genshin? ›

Healing Source: Skill

In the end, Noelle may be one of the most versatile characters if built right in Genshin Impact. Her constellations are easily accessible, she can be a good Geo main DPS option or defensive support among her healing abilities. Her healing is quite comparable to some of the 5-star characters.

What talent to prioritize on Noelle? ›

Talent priority: Breastplate (Elemental Skill)

The Weapons and Artifacts we've recommended for Noelle have focused almost exclusively on her capacity for normal attacks; so to truly round out this build, focus on building up her Geo Elemental Talents.

What does C1 Noelle do? ›

C1 - I Got Your Back

Noelle's first Constellation effect is one of her best Constellations in Genshin Impact. Since her Elemental Burst only heals with a 50% chance, activating her Elemental Burst during her Burst duration will guarantee every hit will heal her allies.

What gender is sucrose? ›

Sucrose is a young girl with short, minty green hair with a single pale turquoise streak in her bangs.

Do I need Zhongli if I have Noelle? ›

Yes, Zhongli is a decent battery and is overall a great pick. If you're using Noelle as a main dps, then maybe. If you're using Noelle as a shielder for another character, then probably.

How do you get all 6 endings to Noelle? ›

You'll need to do is reach Adventure Rank 26 and complete the Archon Quest titled “Prologue: Act III - Song of the Dragon and Freedom.” You'll then be able to find the Noelle Hangout Event on your quests page. You'll also need two Story Keys to unlock it.

Does Noelle need crit? ›

True Noelle min maxed DPS builds absolutely require Crit Damage primary stat SOMEWHERE in the build (either weapon or Circlet).

Who is Noelle friends with Genshin? ›

She has made friends with both Bennett and Barbara, as well as Klee who she once got grounded alongside. In the game, she is a geo user who wields a claymore to take down her enemies with. Noelle herself is confused by this vision choice as she feels that an anemo vision would suit her goals better.

Who likes Noelle in black clover? ›

Noelle quickly found herself on friendly terms with Asta which soon after turned into strong romantic feelings. The two spend most of their time together around the hideout and on missions. Asta is very fond of Noelle as a friend but is mostly unaware of the romantic feelings she has for him.

Who is a better support Noelle or Diona? ›

c2 noelle, definitely, while diona's shield gives a speed boost, you need her at c1 for that— and her shield is only good for cryo res. noelle however has a geo shield, which can absorb all forms of damage until her shield breaks.

Who was Noelle married to? ›

Noella Bergener is looking back on her early beginnings with now ex-husband James Bergener. During The Real Housewives of Orange County's 16th season reunion episode on Wednesday, the franchise newcomer opened up about how the former couple met.

What gift did Noelle give Max? ›

In a previous episode, Heather told Gina, 37, that Noella gave Max, 17, a pride-themed card game at Max's book launch party, because she and Max had bonded over being bisexual. The game turned out to be quite explicit, though Noella didn't seem to know what Heather was talking about during the Cabo dinner.

Is Noelle a guy? ›

Noelle or Noëlle is the feminine form of the gender neutral name Noel. It derives from the old French Noël, "Christmas," a variant (and later a replacement) of nael, which itself derives from the Latin natalis, "birthday".

Does Noelle fall in love? ›

She came to grips with her true feelings for Asta, and those true feelings were of love. Noelle realizes she truly loves Asta. Chapter 301 of the series sees Noelle collect herself after Asta saved Lolopechka from Megicula's self-destruction spell.

Why is Noelle strong? ›

Noelle is an incredibly powerful Magic Knight, but she has always been held back by her magic power. The immensity of her power makes it difficult to control. Noelle uses a wand to build armor that enhances her abilities and cast powerful short and long range attack spells.

Why is Noelle the best healer? ›

Healing Source: Skill

In the end, Noelle may be one of the most versatile characters if built right in Genshin Impact. Her constellations are easily accessible, she can be a good Geo main DPS option or defensive support among her healing abilities. Her healing is quite comparable to some of the 5-star characters.

Who is better shield Thoma or Noelle? ›

Who has better shield Thoma or Noelle? Numbers-wise, Thoma has the second strongest shield in the game. Thoma's shield will surpass characters like Diona and Noelle when your shield is consistently refreshing, as his shields refresh off of Normal Attacks with his Elemental Burst.

What is the best F2P for Noelle? ›

Best Noelle F2P weapon – Whiteblind

Whiteblind has defense as its secondary stat, and its passive skill buffs attack and defense by six percent when a normal or charged attack land. This buff stacks four times.


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