Leveling Guide FFXIV 1-50: How to Level Alternate Jobs Quickly (A Realm Reborn) (2023)

Welcome to the beginning of yourLast Fantasy XIVtravel! Alternatively, you can try another job and complete the leveling process as soon as possible. Regardless of your situation, thisFFX IVThe 1-50 level guide aims to help you get through the early stages that the base game covers.a kingdom reborn🇧🇷 We also have a guide tothe whole leveling processin one place if that helps. But here we are going to focus on levels 1 to 50 in detail.

The first phase of the adventure starts at level 1 for many of the jobsFFX IV🇧🇷 It actually starts out as a class before moving on to a specific job. The starting classes are: Gladiator, Pugilist, Marauder, Spearmen, Archer, Rogue, Summoner, Wizard and Arcanist. At level 30, these classes can evolve into their respective jobs. Here is the complete list ofa kingdom rebornClasses and Professions:

ClassWorkedstarting city
ProwlerGuerreroLimsa Lominsa
magicalwhite wizardshout out
arcanistHe taughtLimsa Lominsa
arcanistcallerLimsa Lominsa
miracle workerBlack magicUl'dah
goalkeeperbardoshout out
spearmanContinueshout out
villainninjaLimsa Lominsa

If you're wondering why there's one more job compared to classes, it's because arcanist can become summoner (magical DPS) and scholar (healer) or both. Regardless of the job and the corresponding class you choose, buckle up to increase your power.

Leveling Guide FFXIV 1-50: How to Level Alternate Jobs Quickly (A Realm Reborn) (1)

Levels 1-50 General Details

there are severalItems that provide experience bonuseswithin certain levels. Unfortunately, most of these items are pre-order bonuses for various expansions, while one is an item you get for bringing a new subscriber to it.FFX IVthrough the referral program. The following is a list of items:

  • gorro moguri(from pre-salea kingdom reborn): 20% bonus up to level 11
  • Elmo of Light(from toa kingdom rebornCollector's Edition): 20% Bonus up to Level 11
  • friendship tiara(a sub-friend for 30 days): 20% bonus up to level 26
  • neutral ring(after completing Rookie's Hall): 30% bonus up to level 31
  • Brincos Mhigan Wing(from pre-salestormy blood): 30% bonus up to level 51
  • etherite earring(from pre-saleshadow bearer): 30% bonus up to 71
  • brinco menphin(from pre-salestroller): 30% bonus up to level 81

A simple rule of thumb for this is to just equip the last one you have until it stops granting the EXP bonus. For example, Menphina's earringstrollerNot only does it last longer during the leveling process, but it also has better extra stats compared to its counterparts.

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You probably have a pile of staples. allgrocery storesGives you a 3% bonus to EXP gain from killing enemies. These effects last for 30 minutes per food consumed and are limited to 60 minutes each. It's not a ton, but it will add up over time and cut the overall leveling job off a bit.

Finally there isArsenal Bonus🇧🇷 This feature grants players 100% bonus experience for any activity below the maximum activity level. So if your main job is Samurai, all jobs below 80 at level 80 will benefit from the Arsenal bonus. This bonus applies to main story quests, dungeon bosses and completion, FATE, Light and Deep Dungeon quests. Note that the Armory bonus for the current expansion is only 50%. This means that from level 80-90 thestrollerYou can expect the same for later expansions.

Levels 1-16

This is the beginning ofFFX IV🇧🇷 You'll get through these levels relatively quickly and easily. You'll take your course in your new hometown, and then you want to get out of the city gates. you will doyour class missionsand the classhunting protocol🇧🇷 Each class has a hunting log full of enemies near the starting city. This will be great for starting EXP.

You will also complete this leveling level withDETERMINATION🇧🇷 During your class quests and hunting log, find all nearby FATE that appear along the way. You should avoid any of the more powerful boss FATEs - they consist of a single, powerful target. Don't do this unless there are other players who can help you.

You can also KO your chocobo partner in this level range. You may have forgotten about your friendly sparring partner, but he's always by your side. The Chocobo can attack, tank, and even heal, making it a huge help for solo players. get someGysahl Greenfrom the nearest merchant to summon this companion.

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Levels 16-50

It is noteworthy that the works presented in theto the skyWork begins at this level range.astrologer,train driver, jDark knightEveryone starts at level 30 with no mandatory class.

At this point, you can access your first dungeons.happinessunlocked at level 15,Tam-Tara Deepcroftat level 16 andcopper fate minesat level 17. Now you can access theWheel of Duty: NivellierenOption in Duty Finder. Do this every day to get all that extra EXP - in these early stages, you might get two or three levels at once.

challenge logsThey're also a decent way to gain experience, so pick and choose which ones you want to pursue. After that you have to queue for anything.top level dungeonAvailable to you. DPS jobs are likely to have long cooldowns, so be sure to start matchmaking while doing other tasks.

Deep Dungeon: Palace of the Dead

The first iteration of the Deep Dungeon system ispalace of the dead🇧🇷 This is unlocked through the level 17 quest "The House Death Built" through the named NPCNojito MarujironoNeues Gridania (X: 12.0, Y: 13.1).

Managing the Palace of the Dead has two benefits. Firstly, your level and gear have been synced to a default rank and moved into a palace-specific leveling system, meaning you don't have to worry about switching gear when you level up. Second, there are no party composition requirements like normal dungeons. You can manage a full DPS team of four players, which greatly reduces cooldown times.

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Palace of the Dead runs on 10 story blocks, with each block increasing in difficulty. Once you pass the 50th floor, you can start on the 51st floor every time you stand in line. (You must pass the 50th floor to be able to unlock Heaven-on-High to level up later.) Anyway, run and run againFloors 51-60It's the fastest way to get here. They offer more experience and a larger part of the player base at this tier also operates on these floors.

Leveling Guide FFXIV 1-50: How to Level Alternate Jobs Quickly (A Realm Reborn) (2)

Alternative: command and service support missions

Now dungeon runs can be tedious, but you only have to run them a few times to speed up those levels. If you are not a tank or healer, your cooldowns will be longer. An alternative is herecommand missionsÖsupport serviceCareer. These are essentially low-level backgrounds that allow players to run dungeons alongside NPCs.

a lot goes inUnlock commando missions, Special. First, you must be a part of one of the three Great Companies: Maelstrom, Order of the Twin Adder, or Immortal Flames. Then you must be at least the rank of 2nd Lieutenant in your Grand Company and at least level 47. All of this must be done for your main job.

Select the "Squadron and Commander" mission from your local staff officer. You then need to recruit some squad members and use them in quests to get them through the dungeon levels. Your entire squad must meet the level requirements of the dungeons you want to run.

Once they reach the right level, you can talk to the squad sergeant to unlock the commando missions. This option will now appear when talking to the squad sergeant. Select the members you want to take with you and select Deploy.

(Video) FFXIV: 1 - 80 Leveling Guide in 5 minutes (For Alts and Main Jobs/Classes)

as awith service support system, you just need to be in the level range of the dungeon you want to run. Although the NPCs in your party aren't as efficient as the real players, they do their job and you earn a good amount of EXP. This is a good option, especially for DPS players, as it completely ignores cooldowns.

It's worth noting that, like Trusts, your squad on commando missions and your on-duty support group in combat are sub-optimal. They won't AoE as often as normal players and can get overwhelmed. For squads, you must use the command bar to tell them to attack, disengage, and overtake. Use these. Also keep in mind that if a squad member goes down, you have to wait a bit for them to gain enmity before attacking.

Again, service command and support missions are just ways around waiting in lines. If you are trying to register for dungeons with other players and wait times are short, consider using this method. It's usually faster.

I hope this gives you a solid foundation to work on alternative jobs quickly. You must blow through thesea kingdom rebornLevel pretty fast. We also have a guide tothe whole leveling processin one place to get you to level 90 as fast as possible.


What is the fastest way to level up alt jobs? ›

Regardless, running and re-running Floors 51-60 is the fastest way to level here. They offer more experience and more of the playerbase at this level is also running these floors. Outside of the Duty Support system, Command Missions are one way to avoid long queue times.

How long does it take to level through a realm reborn? ›

If you just want to complete the main story, A Realm Reborn, you're looking at roughly 120 hours of playtime, and that's not including any of the expansions.

How to level jobs fast in ff14? ›

You'll basically want to do your daily Duty Roulettes (with the Leveling Roulette being the most effective one), alongside Challenge Logs. This system unlocks at level 15 and gives you experience for completing challenges, like running 5 dungeons or defeating 20 enemies with your Chocobo.

What is the best way to level 50 60 ff14? ›

Levels 50-60

You'll always want to do your daily Duty Roulettes — the Leveling Roulette is the most effective one, which awards the best chunk of EXP for the time invested. The Main Scenario Roulette is a good second option for Daily Roulettes, considering the EXP gain. There are also Challenge Logs.

Are deep dungeons good for leveling? ›

In FF14, there are two separate deep dungeons that can help you level classes, on top of your daily roulettes. There's Palace of the Dead that's ideal for classes that are levels 1-60, and Heaven on High for classes at 61 and beyond.

Should I rush through A Realm Reborn? ›

Rushing through A Realm Reborn content is fine. Its tedious meandering mostly aside from some stuff in the middle and then at the end. Once you hit Heavensward content you can unlock DRK. A ton of content/story still ahead.

Can you solo A Realm Reborn? ›

“Trust works extremely well for what it's supposed to do: give a solo alternative to group content.” Although every main story activity through patch 2.0 of A Realm Reborn can be completed solo now, Zepla points out that many other activities like Raids, still require a team of players.

What is the easiest DPS class Ffxiv? ›

Physical ranged, SMN and RDM are considered fairly easy to play by most peoples standards. At least at an entry level. If you know your rotation, you can pretty much go into a fight blind and still do acceptable DPS. Melee DPS are in the middle.

What job has the easiest rotation Ffxiv? ›

Machinist is pretty easy to play. It's just your typical 1-2-3 rotation while hitting stronger abilities on cooldown. Bard and dancer has to watch for RNG procs and melee classes are a bit more complicated and have positionals. The only thing is you'll have to help her get to Heavensward as it's unlocked in Ishgard.

What is the strongest job in Ffxiv? ›

The Most Powerful PvP Job In FFXIV Online- Summoner

With their incredible damage, utility, and relatively low skill ceiling, this job has become extremely popular lately. Capable of both healing and dealing devastating damage, Summoners are a constant threat on the battlefield.

Can you solo LVL 60 Dungeons? ›

Dungeons from A Realm Reborn (levels 15 to 50) can be reliably taken on solo from about level 70. Dungeons from Heavensward (levels 51 to 60) can be reliably taken on solo from level 80.

Can you solo level 70 dungeons at 80 Ffxiv? ›

Every tank at 80 can solo every level 70 dungeon in roughly 30 minutes all the way back to the first tier of level 80 gear.

Can you solo level 50 raids Ffxiv? ›

Savage raids that were introduced in A Realm Reborn (ARR) and Heavensward (HW) which are level 50 and 60 respectively, can be done solo and probably easily.

What are the fastest ways to get XP? ›

XP can be obtained by collecting glowing spheres of experience. Also, a player can gain experience by killing mobs, breeding animals, trading with villagers in Minecraft, etc. A player's character can achieve levels and gain the ability to collect new gear as they gain orbs throughout the game.

Can I level with my phone? ›

Use your iPhone to determine whether an object near you is level, straight, or flat (measurements are approximate). Open Measure. Tap Level, then hold iPhone against an object, such as a picture frame.

What is the fastest way to upgrade a character? ›

What Are Some of the Fastest Ways to Level Up Characters in Genshin Impact?
  1. Follow the Storyline. ...
  2. Complete Commissions. ...
  3. Clear Domains. ...
  4. Defeat Bosses. ...
  5. Complete Experience Tasks from the Adventurer's Handbook. ...
  6. Exploring the Map. ...
  7. Harness Materials.
Sep 21, 2022

How do I increase my level in my career? ›

5 simple ways to level up your career
  1. Take on a difficult project.
  2. Lead from where you are.
  3. Learn something new.
  4. Share your insights.
  5. Demonstrate gratitude.

How do you level up in Palace of the Dead? ›

Character Growth. Players will start the Palace of the Dead at level 1 regardless of their current class or job level. By defeating enemies that appear in the dungeon, players will be able to gain EXP and level their characters up to 60.

What gives the most character exp? ›

Blossoms Of Revelations are the most consistent and efficient way to get Character EXP Materials. The enemies they spawn are fairly easy to beat and players are guaranteed to get them once beaten. These do cost Original Resin to open, however.

How do you get a guaranteed 5 star character? ›

If players use 89 Intertwined Fates on the limited-time character banner and fail to get a five-star character, they are guaranteed a five-star on the 90th pull. Pity is reset to 0 every time travelers get a five-star drop.


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