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respawn entertainmentStar Wars Jedi: SurvivorFinally hitting theaters on April 28th, it tells the story of Karl Kestis, a Jedi Knight during the reign of the Empire. his predecessor,Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, ends with Cal, his mentor Sere, Night Sister Merlin, and Mantis pilot Grize destroying a hologram containing the whereabouts of a violent child.Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorFive years after this game, Karl tries to balance his wealth with his fight against the Empire and finds the same thingvery democraticand a mysterious planet.


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Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorIt's a long adventure that takes you more than 20 hours to play through a story with twists. You've completed the game and are looking for a summary or wondering how to do itThe adventures of Carl Kestis continue, which is a synopsis of what's happening insideStar Wars Jedi: SurvivorAnd how it all came to a tragic end.

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This article contains spoilersStar Wars Jedi: Survivor

How Star Wars Jedi: Survivor began

Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorStart with Carl Kestis, who appears to have been captured on Coruscant. While it initially appears like he'll be apprehended by a Utapa Senator, it turns out it was all part of an elaborate robbery, and Carl has been on the new team since the Mantis disbanded in Game 1. During this mission, Karl met Bald Akuna, who told Karl that he was fighting to protect his daughter Kata from the Empire.

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Eventually they find Senator Utapa's wrecked ship and all seems to be going well. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by the Imperial group led by Jiumei.fallen order. Cal kills Nine Sisters and escapes on the Mantis, but everyone but him and Bird are killed and the Mantis is badly damaged. With no other choice, he flies to the planet Kobo, where Grizz now lives, and lands there.

After battling some crazy robbers led by powerful onesGendaiKarl meets Griez again as Revis. Gritz encourages Cal to settle down, but Karl refuses and looks for a technique in the cave under Grize's drawing room. Along the way, he discovers an ancient ruin from the Supreme Republic era and frees a droid named ZN-A4 (or Zee for short), a robot in the Supreme Republic. During this time he was sent on a mission by a Jedi knight named Santari Khri to find the "Tanarol Key".

Carl investigates this and learns that Santari Heri and a Jedi named Dagan Gra have discovered Tanalore, a hidden planet beyond the dangerous Cobo Abyss, and that they plan to establish a new Jedi base there. Cal decided to free Dagan from his bhakta tank, but soon betrayed Cal after learning of the fall of the Jedi and was determined to retake Tanalore with the help of Revis, who owed him a lifetime debt. Now on a mission to stop Dagan, Cal, Bode, and Grizz may consider Tanalore their safe haven.

Stop Dagan Gras mission

After this meeting, Carl, Grizz, and Bird (who found Carl in Cobo) decided to seek out Tanalore and make it their new home. In search of existing information on Tanarol, the team decides to travel to Jeddah, where Cal's mentor Sere Jonda is working with Jedi Master Edo Cordova to restore the Jedi archives and support the Hidden Path to protect those individuals sensitive to imperial violence.

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Due to a sandstorm, they had to leave the base and Cal was reunited with Merlin, a Nightsister for whom Cal harbored feelings but left the Mantis crew so she could explore the galaxy on her own. After surviving the storm in the cave, Cal reunites with Cerre and Edo. Although they didn't have much information about Tanarol, Eddo sent them back to Kobo and his Broken Moon to find a device that could lead them to Tanarol.

Cal discovers a destroyed device on the planet and its shattered moon, and learns that Dagan betrayed the Jedi Order after they chose not to colonize Tanalore. Cal takes them back to Jeddah, but wants to help Merlin save an Imperial-attacked hideout on the Hidden Path. They can get the contact code for this safe and have their first kiss while dropping the giant drill.

Returning to Cerre Base, they learned that the devices were compasses that would guide them across the Kobo Chasm. After Dagan's betrayal, the Santari Khri destroyed two compasses but found one left over and went in search. Back in Cobo, members of Team Mantis, which Merlin rejoined, found that Ze had been kidnapped. Carl saves the droid after another fight with Duggan and then has to stop Revis on the Broken Moon.

Carl fights Revis there and learns that he owes Duggan the debt of his life. After defeating Revis, he informed Cal that Dagan was headed to an observatory in Cobo Mountain with the last compass. He then begs for an honorable death, so Carl kills Revis. Afterwards, Baldur and Karl attacked the Observatory, where a bitter battle was taking place between the Empire and the Mad Raiders. They eventually fight their way through to Dugan, who reveals his true purpose in rebuilding the new Jedi Order in the image of Tanalore, and then joins him in taking over the galaxy.

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After a fierce battle, Cal and Bode defeated and killed the fallen Jedi. All was looking good when the crew returned to Jeddah with the last compass. However, Baldur seems more and more worried after learning that Cal wants to make Tanarol a haven for the Hidden Path, not just for him, Merlin, Grizz, Baldur, and Kata. Edo Cordova fixes the last compass, the crew celebrates the night, and Carl confesses his feelings to Merlin, who reciprocates.

The next day, they were alarmed by the Empire's attack on the Jeddah base and even more shocked by Bode, who betrayed the team. Eddo tries to come to terms with Bode, but Bode kills him and escapes. This was the beginning of his final journeyStar Wars Jedi: Survivorhis action. Baldur is the real villain of the game.

Star Wars Jedi: End of Survivor

After Baldur betrayed Cal and killed Edo Cordoba, Cal quickly followed him in a speedboat and launched a massive Imperial attack on the Jeddah base. Cal learns that Bode is a former Jedi who now works for the Empire. Cal was defeated but not captured. The game then allows the player to temporarily take control of Cere while she defends Jedha and fights Darth Vader, who himself is leading the attack. Though Thrall fought valiantly, she was eventually killed by Darth Vader.

Of course, Carl was traumatized by Bond's betrayal and the deaths of Edo and Cerre, but he found Bond at Nova Gallon's Imperial Security Service base by tracking the beacon. While wreaking havoc here against Imperial forces, Carl learns that Bond spied for the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars, but ended up working for the Empire to protect his daughter and wife after being tracked down and killed. Baldur has been a spy for the Empire throughout, and Baldur eventually reaffirmed his loyalty to the Empire when Cal revealed that he would use Thana'lor to access the Hidden Path.

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In New Galleon, Carl manages to reach Bode's house, where he meets Kata himself. They are friendly with each other, but Bode returns and flees with kata, intending for Kaal to angrily destroy the base. Carl begins to succumb to the dark side while pursuing Bodur, but Merlin prevents him from turning completely. Bod escapes, but the Mantis crew learns that they too can attack Cobo to unlock the path to Tanarore.

With Zee's help, they made an opening into the chasm, and Greez flew through without damaging the mantis. They landed in Tanalore ready to face Baldur. However, in the midst of this fight, Merlin and Carl agree to come to terms with Bod because they don't want Kata to go through the same experience of losing her family altogether. They find Kata, who takes them to Bodur. As they try to come to terms with Bode, it becomes clear that he is long gone and has started fighting Cal.

Cal appears to have the upper hand in a fight and begs Bod to surrender, but Bod takes the opportunity to fight back, injuring Kata, Merlin, and BD-1 in the process. With no other choice, Carl temporarily joined the dark side to gain the upper hand against Bond, killing him with the same explosives Bond had previously given him in their adventure together. Carl and Marlin return to the Mantis with kata and realize that they transferred the trauma to kata and now have to deal with it.

Before they departed, the crew hosted a traditional Jedi funeral for Edo Cordova, Sere Juda, and Bod Acuna, and Cal would not leave their side until only embers and lightsabers remained. Later, after the game, Carl stated his intention to make Thanalor a Hidden Path Sanctuary in memory of Sayre. At this point, the main storyline of the game ends. Cal, Merrin, Greez, Kata, and BD-1 made it to the finish line, but Cere, Dagan, and Bode didn't survive.

Star Wars Jedi: SurvivorNow available on PC,PS5, AndXbox Series X/klein.

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