Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (2023)

We were fortunate to get early access to the game, which meant we had time to explore the different twists and think about what's next.

It's unclear if there will be an official sequel, but fans can certainly imagine the ending of the game. However, it could also be a good ending on its own.

The story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor revolves around a compass that leads to the planet Tanalore, a promised land beyond the Empire's reach - everyone wants to help, of course, but who can in the end? How do you get there?

Read on and we'll seeStar Wars Jedi: SurvivorFinally everything you need to know about the future! to warn:Big spoilers from now on

dagan kara fail

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (1)

Dagan Gera, a villain from the High Republic era, was killed in the laboratory above Cobo after a bitter battle with Cal Kestis.

Dugan's plans to travel to the distant planet of Tanaro, raise an army of evil, and return to replace the Empire have now failed. The underhanded business appears to have ground to a halt after his best friend, Revis, left the crime scene.

During the final fight, Cal and Dagan appear to be having some sort of hallucination together when Cal pits Dagan against Santari Khri (a former Jedi ally who kept Dagan at bay for years), weaponizes memory, creates an opportunity and wins.

more like that

You'd think the game's story would end shortly after, and the developers certainly lived up to those expectations by seeing the Mantis Gang celebrate Jada. But there is more to come!

Bode's betrayal

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (2)

Cal took Dagan's top compass from Tanalore and took it to the good guys' base in Jeddah, where Bode quickly stole it in what, as you'd expect, had a bad twist. Remember: always be skeptical of random new characters that appear next and act like the main character's new best friend.

It turns out that Bode works for the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB), the same Imperial spy unit featured in the film.AndorSeries. At the start of the game, Bodur is on a mission with the ISB to infiltrate Carl's crew. (Bode is a secret Jedi too!)

Depending on how you interpret Baldur's intentions at the end of the game, you might think that Baldur really wants to leave ISB life and create a new life for his daughter in Tanalo. Or you might think he's always been bad or good or played both sides while looking out for his own interests.

Regardless, Baldur was reluctant to let Cal use Tanalore as a base for the Hidden Rebels. Bode killed Cerre's master Ino Cordova and fled. He flees Jeddah to Tanarol with the compass and saves Karl after a brief skirmish, but that's not really the end! (This game has more endings than The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.)

Reich strikes back

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (3)

As part of his escape plan with a compass, Baldur revealed the location of the Jada base to the Empire. Cal tries to capture Bod before he leaves Earth while the other characters have to defend the base.

As Cere, team up with Merrin to protect the hermit and creatively blow up AT-ATs. Everything seems to be going well. Cere even went back to the files room to get information about the network of hidden paths.

However, Darth Vader met you there, casually walking through the door. Vader taunts and points out CerreFallen Order event.Doesn't really detract from the Empire's galactic supremacy.

Searle says that she prepares and pulls the lever to lower the entire room to the floor. She seems to be trying to keep Vader in one spot (instead of setting off another terrifying chase like last time). They fight until Sere dies. However, he puts up a decent fight, smashing through Vader's health bar and leaving him covered in shards.

But at the last moment, as Sayre was about to kill, Vader parried the attack, retreated, and drove his own lightsaber deep into Sayre. By the time Carl returned from his losing battle with Bond, Vader was gone, leaving Carl agonizingly rocking Ser's body.

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Karl embraces the darkness

Cal followed Bode to a planet called Nova Gallon, where he visited an ISB base and learned that Bode had been working with the Empire. He also meets Bond's daughter Kata, which complicates the emotional side of the story.

Eventually, Cal finds out that Bode lured him to this ISB base. Bond left his tracker behind on purpose in the hope that Carl would show up and destroy the base, thereby killing Bond's employer. This is exactly what happened, freeing Bode to carry out the final phase of his plan and retire to live with Kata in Tanalore.

Bode was able to escape from the ISB base and Carl is now very upset. Players are prompted to open up to the darkness, which basically gives Cal a berserk mode in combat, similar to what's seen in God of War. Karl broke through everything the Dark Legion and the Empire could throw at him.

Eventually, Merlin restores Carl to normal, but the berserk mode option remains for the rest of your playthrough. and myselfTheThis isn't the real ending! Cal discovers that the compass isn't the only way to get to Tanarore, so he returns to Cobo for a while to find an alternate route through Cobo, the Abyss.

The case of Tanalore

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (4)

After fumbling around aboard the Cobo, lining up in line, and enlisting the help of Qi, Carl and the surviving Mantis crew finally reached Tanalore. In fairness it is a nice place but not a lot in terms of amenities. In this paradise there is not a single bar, not even a small shop.

Cal confronts Bode one last time in Tanalore, trying to convince his freaks that there is room for their two visions. Cal believes that Baldur and Kata can live in peace in Tanalore, and Cal also creates a safe haven for the Hidden Path in Tanalore.

Karl hopes to work with this secret rebel organization to provide security for those pursued by the Empire. The remote and inaccessible nature of Tanalore makes it the ideal place for anyone looking to make their big dreams come true.

Baldur doesn't move, even towards Kata's daughter, believing that Cal's plan will draw the Empire to Tanalo and put Kata in danger once more. Bode wants to shoot Carl, but his thrower misses its target. Carl took the opportunity to shoot Bird twice, killing him.

What's next?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Endgame Explained – All Story Spoilers Examined (5)

Once the credits and main story are complete and dusted off, you can continue playing. Grizz explains that establishing a base in Tanalore will take time, so you can return to other parts of the galaxy to continue gathering items, taking on side quests, and hunting bounty hunters.

There is still a lot to think about in the long run! Merlin and Carl had argued a few times by now, and Merlin temporarily helped Carl out of the darkness. Will their romance prevail? Will Carl turn to the dark side? Will Greez start a second Pyloon's Saloon franchise on Tanalorr? Will the Mantis crew basically do kata? The questions are endless.

Of course, we'll have to wait until a possible sequel to find out what's in store for Carl and Co. in the future. We expect it will provide a base for the road, but will the Empire seize it as Bode predicted? Will Cal fight Vader again or even Palpatine?

As the second game looks back to the High Republic era and the prequels in search of enemies beyond the Empire, it will be interesting to see if the third game also goes in a different direction. Could the criminal gang play a bigger role and let Darth Maul in, maybe after his appearance in the solo films? Or does Karl get caught up in an imperial entanglement from which he can't escape?

Since Carl was nowhere to be found in the original trilogy of Star Wars films, it seems the third game will have to deal with that. If Luke blows up the Death Star, will he stay in Tanalore to protect innocent people, or is Carl destined to die a heroic death like the Rogue One character? Only time will tell, but we can't wait to find out!

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